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Web Components

This is still early stage, but if you have an hour or two, this shows you where web-app development is heading.

Walkthrough of the elements: – and slides.

Google devs (alpha) take on the concept with polyfills for almost all of the features: Just looking at the samples gives you a good idea of the benefits.

Actually Polymer.js lets you use the concepts today in ‘Evergreen’ browsers – but native support is when the benefits starts kicking in.

My advice would be to stay on the AngularJS path, it is in line with where we’re going!

Trolling commence :)

Update: Some more Web Components stuff from this years Google I/O has just been released.

More Eric Bidelman on the concept:

Guys from the Polymer team:

JavaScript Best Practices Podcast

A follow-up on the presentation I did for ANUG a few months ago. I’m being interviewed by Søren Spelling and we have a friendly talk about this and that in danish.

ANUGCast #157 JavaScript Best Practices part 1

ANUGCast #158 JavaScript Best Practices part 2

You can also find them in their iTunes feed: