JavaScript Best Practices Podcast

A follow-up on the presentation I did for ANUG a few months ago. I’m being interviewed by Søren Spelling and we have a friendly talk about this and that in danish.

ANUGCast #157 JavaScript Best Practices part 1

ANUGCast #158 JavaScript Best Practices part 2

You can also find them in their iTunes feed:

MOSS of Fury

The other day I was looking through my backup drive and stumpled on a funny (like haha funny) thing I did a few years back. If you ever played World of Warcraft and at some point crossed paths with Microsoft Sharepoint, this is a laugh.

So without further ado I introduce the MOSS of Fury.

MOSS of Fury

Javascript Management & Best Practices

The other day I did a talk on structuring client code and getting more out of jQuery. Target audience was ANUG and getting these .NET’ers up to speed on the world of JS.

A good read for anyone into frontend development and there are loads of code samples and clever tricks ready to use in your next project. Also there are a few suggestions on how to get VS2010 up to speed when it comes to client side development.

You’ll find the HTML5 slides from the presentation here:

Javascript Management
(Chrome, Safari and FireFox only)