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Web Components

This is still early stage, but if you have an hour or two, this shows you where web-app development is heading. Walkthrough of the elements: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJZx9c6YL8k – and slides. Google devs (alpha) take on the concept with polyfills for almost … Continue reading

Deep Linking and Indexing AJAX Applications – Google, Hashbang and state maintenance

In AJAX applications user interaction is handled on the fly and content is generated and injected into the DOM. Today this is an important step in creating responsive UI’s and the benefits are obvious. But since users are no loner … Continue reading

HTML5 Presentation

HTML5rocks.com – a great site btw – has some good slides showing the features of modern browsers. Originally created by Marcin Wichary and modified by many people in the Google Chrome team. Use them whenever you need to spread the … Continue reading